Calves and Diseases

All calves, including bobbies, need to stand strong to survive in the first 48 hours of life upon birth. In following the next 60 days of the critical period to progress into a healthy and happy cows. 
LiveCare's mission is not to lose a single calf.



Mortality rate


Early Detection

LiveCare detects any symptoms of diseases by monitoring calf's body temperature. Earlier disease detection leads to prompt disease treatment for fast recovery and prevention of transmission.




Rearing Healthy Calves

Those farms with stringent cattle management monitor daily body temperature of calves. 
Due to their weak immune systems, calves tend to be more susceptible to disease infection.

Effective Disease Management

Prevention of transmission and proliferation

Our bio-capsule for calves is sized about 70mm, it can be administered 
safely to calves two weeks of age.

Our Bio-capsule is settled in the stomach of calf that ensures measuring core body temperature not influenced by external environment.

Live Data Collection

Certified Animal Medical Device

Capsule settled in Rumen

3 years max battery life

Complete Care for Cow's Full Life Cycle

It's amazing to witness how life flourishes.
When a small calf grows as big as a mother cow to deliver another calf, for every moment of beginning and departing, LiveCare will do our best align to our mission of "Dignity of Life.   

Livestock Life Cycle

Start LiveCare from Calf stage

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